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Since 1993, Custom Changes, Inc. has been serving the Catawba Valley by providing automotive accessories and customizing vehicles.  It is locally owned and operated by Kevin and Jennifer Inman.  


Kevin’s experience began as a young child helping his dad in the family convenience store business, pumping gas, changing tires, etc.  In 1985, he entered the business world and started assisting managers throughout the southeast traveling around to various automotive stores.  At the young age of 21, Kevin’s previous employer entrusted him to manage a new automotive store.  Kevin married his sweetheart, Jennifer Marshall in 1987. Fueled by the desire to own their own business and the passion to help others, Kevin and Jennifer decided to open Custom Changes, Inc in 1993.  Kevin and Jennifer have two beautiful daughters, Olivia and Sophie.


The name “Custom Changes” was Kevin’s idea.  While driving down the road one day, he thought about his firsthand knowledge of how accessories change the look of someone’s ride; they customize the vehicle and make it his/her own.  Therefore, “Custom Changes” would be the name of their new business.


Custom Changes prides itself on being a local family-owned business, years of experience, and positive customer service.  Most products, if not in stock, can be ordered and are normally available the next day.  Custom Changes will happily install most of the products they sell or are willing to let the customers install themselves.


The Inmans feel blessed to have wonderful employees who are like family and customers that are more than customers—they are friends!

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Owners: Kevin and Jennifer Inman
Kevin and Jennifer Early years2.png
Kevin and Jennifer Inman 1993
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